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  "If people believe in themselves, it's incredible how much they can achieve"        (S. Walton)

Who are we?

      SC HANS OBERDING SRL is a new name in Automation after 1989, but with a 20-year experience through our employees who used to work in mantainance service in Combinatul de Lianti Targu-Jiu. The experience of our work has allowed us to contract complex work as an entrepreneur. Together with our colaborators, specialized in software, hidraulic drives and human and technical resource, our company can assure the design and execution of complex work in our area.


SC Hans Oberding SRL, Aleea Izvor, nr. 3, Targu-Jiu, Gorj, Romania
Phone: (+40) 253 223404 ; Tel/Fax: (+40) 253 218264; Email: